Have you ever come across a situation in your life where you wanted to be given all the facts by someone you trust so you could determine the best possible outcome for your wants and needs based on this information and process? To Cindy, buying a house is more than a commission check, a transaction, and even more than the 'biggest financial purchase most people make'. She believes it's a journey, one that deserves honesty, transparency, and above all, respect. This journey lands you at a destination that affects every single day of your everyday life. When you make that monthly payment, you deserve to feel proud of what you have accomplished and the peace of mind that the process was cared for by someone reliable. If you resonate with the quote, "your vibe attracts your tribe" then please keep reading. 
A little about Cindy. She grew up in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate NY, a healthy combination of the great outdoors and small town living. She went on one family vacation when at age 11 and had her first job a week after turning 14. The Summer she turned 16 and bought her first car, she was juggling 3 jobs and the Varsity Soccer Team. Growing up with a small wallet and big dreams, Cindy knows the value of hard work and where she put her dollar. She picked the college that offered her the biggest scholarship, which happened to be in Florida, so at 18 Cindy left home, and has since lived in 5 states and 2 countries, always maintaining a full time job and most often, a side/weekend gig as well. Throughout her many many moves, she often painted her room the same paint color and installed the same curtains and ceiling fan, even if her lease was only for a few months. She believes that little bit of extra work was always worth the vibration of feeling at home, which allowed her to keep working hard and stay focused. In addition to her B.A. in Business, she also acquired her RYT200hr Certification (Registered Yoga Teacher) and has full intentions to complete her 500hr in the coming years. She is known for saying, "To be honest, I find less satisfaction in the postures and more compassion for others through my yoga practice. We are all just human. Be kind, be caring, be thoughtful and the universe will take care of the rest." 
Much like a parent strives to provide a better life than they had for their kid, Cindy's mission is to provide a better Real Estate experience than what she's personally experienced. Her first home purchase was a cluster of confusion, stress, and frankly a lot of unknowns. Her realtor experiences don't shape up much better, being asked for my pre-approval amount rather than what she was actually comfortable with. I would say the most important thing to know about Cindy is she doesn't see herself as a Real Estate Agent, but an Advisor. "When I think of agent, I think of someone assigned to you and hired to do a specific task only. In Real Estate, no two transactions are ever the same, so trust the person you are working with, be confident in their ability to go above and beyond, and most importantly, be sure they are humble enough to ask for help when needed". Cindy, growing up on a farm, was raised on old fashioned hard work. She holds a passion for continued education and can be quite the nerd when it comes to research and planning. As an example of her go-getter attitude, the first home she bought she had stripped down to the studs, everything from removing walls & windows, to new HVAC & new electrical. Then she redesigned it from the ground up. Ask her for the spreadsheets she created, documenting timelines, costs, options, and deadlines. She spent 3 months planning and 3 months on execution, and managed the project from 1200 miles away. Sounds crazy for a first timer right? But her effort proved otherwise and now she has that experience to share. 
Cindy has been the renter, the cross country and local mover, the first time home buyer, the aspiring 'Fixer Upper' and now the licensed Realtor. She is the person you call when you don't have time for the research and you need your interests protected. Her secret weapon is her 10 years of experience in Sales & Negotiating, when it comes time to wear this hat, she wears it very well. Cindy wholeheartedly believes you should allocate your time and focus not just on your achievements, but on your fulfillments. Nothing is more fulfilling to her, then helping someone in need.